Waxing  vs Threading

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Please keep in mind that threading is a form of hair removal as well. It does not replace waxing. Threading is a form of hair removal that is excellent for the consumers who are sensitive to wax, and can not afford electrolysis . Threading is a ancient method of hair removal. You are require to treat the skin before and after threading. You will do the following steps :

1. Cleanse the skin

2. Thread using high grade thread, silk etc. (no dental floss, no cotton thread)

3. Calm the skin down with proper calming product(no witch hazel)

4. Sun protect (always)

Please allow time ever two weeks for maintain

Waxing: believe it or not people are still bruising folks and using the wrong wax for body parts. Let me tell you what to look for when you go to a salon or spa to receive wax treatments. First of all waxing is uncomfortable not painful. The following body parts require what wax:

Eyes- strip wax as well as hard wax(pellon is better for the skin not fabric)

Lip- hard wax

Face – hard wax

Ear, nose, chin- hard wax

Underarm, bikini, stomach – hard wax

Legs- strip (pellon is better for the skin)

8 main ingredients in preparing the skin before and after wax.

Why should you wax? To avoid discoloration

1. Exfoliate skin at least one a week most especially a day before waxing

2. Avoid any caffeinated drinks the day of waxing

3. Most sensitive areas apply numbing cream at least 30 min before waxing

4. Cleanse and sanitize area before waxing

5. Remove all residue of wax with oil ( avoid mineral oil )

6. Apply calming lotion

7. Apply product to reduce ingrown hairs if guest suffers from ingrown hairs.

8. To help with a better waxing experience you must wax ever 3-4 weeks until hairs are train and softer. (do not shave in between because it makes the hair course)


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