Sunday, October 4, 2015

Day One: My Journey to the U.K.

The first destination of my journey is Nailympia in the UK where I am a speaker as well as one of the nail judges. Fortunately, things started out very smooth. I checked in at the airport and got all three of my bags for free.

I get on the flight that was mostly pleasant except for the fact that I had to sit between two old ladies who both reeked of smoke, and on top of that, one of them looked like she had peed on herself. I don’t believe they were too fond of my company either. One of them appeared to be angry because I was reading! I guess she did not care much for sound of pages flipping. I totally ignored her, of course, but I could still feel her energy. Even though she did not say a word to me, I telegraphed my own body language right back at her as if to say, “Yes, Lady. This is my life. If I have to deal with you on this plane smelling like smoke, you’re going to have to tolerate the sound of me reading my magazine.” Otherwise, it was such an amazing flight. So smooth was the landing that I didn't even notice until moments later after reaching the ground.

Sadly, I can’t say everything continued to go along perfectly. 45 minutes were spent waiting in long lines to go to through customs, and overall it took roughly 4 hours to arrive to the hotel that didn't finish preparing my room. I luckily ran into Alex, who is among the team putting Nailympia together, and she generously allowed to me take a nap in her room until my mine was ready, which was a lifesaver. Two hours later of much needed, fierce napping, my room was finally ready. I showered and went to change my money. Afterwards, I met with other fellow nail judges comprised of friends and colleagues of the industry from the US and all around the world, including Malaysia, the Netherlands, Australia, America, London, and Japan. We all went out to dinner and had an overall amazing night. They are an awesome, awesome, awesome group of people!

My first day may have had a few ups and downs, but it was a good one and I am happy to have safely made it across the Atlantic. Tomorrow will be the main event with over 32 countries represented. I am very excited about the next chapter in my Beauty Career.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Top Products

My Top Products that I must have anywhere I go, even if stranded!

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Face Masks and Makeup Prepping for Spring

Let's Talk about Face Masks

The first mask I would love to discuss is a Clay Mask by Bluffajo Cosmetics.
Why a clay mask? A Clay mask is very versatile. It can be used for acne skin, ingrown hairs after shaving or waxing, and oily skin with extremely large pores. I love the Bluffajo brand in particular not only because it happens to be my own brand, but because it is not harsh on the skin, and yet effective.

The other mask I would like to talk about is the Collagen Masque By Satin Smooth.
I love this mask because it produces instant results for aged, dehydrated, and sun damaged skin. It is like a face lift in a bottle. It helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
If you want great skin and do not have the money for plastic, this is a great alternative and longer lasting. Yes, this is a professional brand that you have to go to the salon to receive treatments; however, it is a manageable treatment. I love this brand because it is high quality and if you have any questions, there is always someone from the company to assist you.

Prepping for Spring by Changing up Makeup

Well, spring is in the air and we must freshen up our makeup in order to get ready. I am prepping my makeup by investing in some very fun colors that will make a statement.
I wear glasses, so this summer I decided I can not play on my eyes, but I can certainly play on my cheeks and lips. You want to keep your face fresh with bright colors on the cheeks and lips. Summer is all about fun. Have your lips and cheeks speak for you.
I am wearing “Hot Chick” lip gloss and “Thrill Seeker” by Bluffajo Cosmetics, and for a dash of expression, I used a little “Candle Glow” compact bronzer over Thrill Seeker.

Have Fun In The Summer Time, as the song goes.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Halotherapy, Peptides, Toners & Creams

Halotherapy, the Latest in Spa Therapy

One of the newest and latest forms of Spa therapy in the USA and other parts of the world is Halotherapy, which is named after the Greek word “halo,” simply meaning salt. This easy, healing therapy involves participants relaxing in an expansive room in which salt vapors are released to circulate and combat health concerns like respiratory ailments, skin irritations, and mental lethargy. Also worth mentioning are the many additional health benefits that include anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial advantages to help to with allergies, asthma respiratory systems and even provide anti-aging effects. Patients can expect complete purifying effects beneficial to the entire body after weekly treatments.

Skin Benefits
of Toners & Peptides

Toners are necessary because they help to stabilize the pH balance of the skin and close large pores, particularly useful for smokers.

Peptides stimulate collagen production and tighten the firmness of skin. They also possess fruit acids that boost the skin’s radiance.

Many Bluffajo Cosmetics products contain Collagen Peptides to safely increase cell renewal, volume, and reduce wrinkles.

Bluffajo Cosmetics “Camera Ready” Toner

Day vs Night Creams (Protect and Repair)

The basic strategy behind regularly using day and night creams is to combat the constant stress our skin endures during a 24-hour cycle. Simply put, facial creams are designed to protect during the day and nourish at night.

The sun, wind, and pollution are just a few of many environmental stressors a good Day Cream manages to help your skin tolerate. On the other hand, Night Creams are formulated to replenish nutrients and promote regeneration of skin cells, an essential process that occurs as the body rebuilds itself during sleep.

While Day Creams weather the storm of the busy, outdoor day life, they are ironically lighter than Night Creams, which get their extra weight from their special ingredients that nourish the skin when it’s most receptive at night.

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skincare, and other products

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Beauty is My Business

It’s hard to imagine me as a corporate girl. I was once a computer analyst who processed her own style, always a trend setter, never wanting to follow the trend. I always created my own.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

International Salon and Spa Expo 2015

Honorable Mention

LaShawn Lindsey
the Perfume Chick

During my trip at the International Salon and Spa Expo, I received a call regarding one of my dearest friends and vendors who had passed. I would like to take a special moment to honor LaShawn Lindsey this Black History Month. She was an amazing lady and big personality, always willing to do what she could to make your orders right. People often say Black Businesses do not have good customer service, but I must say this lady was one hell of the business woman with amazing customer service. Every time I use Perfume Chick Products, I will always think of LaShawn aka the Perfume Chick. Her smile will never be forgotten. RIP LaShawn.

Well it is that time again where the Beauty kick-off begins. Read on to find out why I do what I do!

I often pray before I get on any plane and when I land. This trip to LA, I felt more blessed because I was pulled off the first flight to find out there was a bomb threat in my connecting city. Anyway, there was an unruly passenger who had to be escorted off the plane by the police when we landed. I had crazy thoughts going through my head, thinking what if she had a knife, file or anything. I was sitting across from this lady. I have never had that experience before. I was thinking to myself, “Lord, what is this?” Fortunately, I got to L.A. safely and headed to my hotel for a much needed good night’s rest, feeling excited about seeing old friends and meeting new friends.


Holly L.
Finger Nail

Gibson (right)
Hair Dresser

Nail Art

Senior VP

(left to right)

Meeting Holly, Manicurist & Documentarian, for the first time!

I first get downstairs and I meet my long time mentor/old boss Jan Arnold, Co-Founder of the World leading CND Hand & Foot Care. She introduces me to Holly the Manicurist who did a Documentary on Manicures. As I proceeded to the show excited to see new products and try new things, my first stop was at the CND booth where they were interviewing Nail’s Next Top Nail artist. Here I also ran into friends Celebrity Stylist Ted Gibson and his husband. It is always a joy to see my Beauty Family.

Nail Magazine’s Nail’s Next Top Nail Artist

Next, I visited the spa area where I am always willing to sit in a class and learn about a new technique or product. I stumble upon a semi-permanent mascara company called GlamRus Cosmetics. I really liked their 100% green Tea Fibers for Eyelashes, which are great for sensitive eyes and do not have to be reapplied. You also do not need makeup remover and you have the flexibility of using your own mascara with the product. This is great for eye contact users and even clients of lasik eye procedures.

Step one, you apply the “Magic Mascara.”
Step two, apply the “Fiber Lash.”
And step three, apply the Magic Mascara again.
It is just that easy.
GlamRus Cosmetics

Next stop, I ran into my buddy Kelvin Pham from American International Industries and we chatted about the latest trends in our industry

Nails stamping from Konad

Nail Blinks

After searching and walking around, I found the Saphira booth and their products after first discovering them last year. They are the first company to bring the minerals of the Dead Sea to the world of hair care. A few things that I love about this Brand: 1) It’s Family owned. 2) They are stationed in Maryland. 3) Their product ingredients. 4) Wonderful product packing presentation.

Seeing the new nail art tools we have like the Empower Nail Art “Ring Thing” was also amazing, which is “a metal ring that acts as a palette for holding and mixing nail polish, gels, and gel polish together while you’re working.” The artistic freedom is endless and makes it a great thing to be a nail professional. You can use polish, paint, stamp, blink, or anything your heart desires; it is up to you.

See what NAILPRO has to say
about “The Ring Thing.”

Lexi Martone
Contest Runner up

Lavette Cephus
Contest Winner

Danielle Costantino
Contest Runner up

(left to right)

The last stop, but certainly not least, included the Nails Magazine’s Nail’s Next Top Nail Artist Award Ceremony sponsored by CND. It was amazing to see the great new level of young talent making their own mark in our industry. In addition, I had a fabulous time catching up with my nail buddies. But, as for most things in life, everything would soon come to an end, leaving me with another important destination: home. Chiao for now!

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Vicki Peters

As the Legend Passes On, My Close-Knit Nail Family and I Pay a Tribute to the One and Only Vicki Peters.

I gathered some of the movers and shakers in the industry to help me pay tribute to our legend.
Thanks to all who agreed to be a part of this small history.

I Honor and Pay this Tribute to Vicki Peters as a Friend, a Peer, a Cheerleader and a confident to me and so many of our Nail Professionals. I do not only speak for myself, but for many. A humble spirit, always willing to roll up her sleeves to help another Nail Professional, Vicki Peters left a mark in your life when she met you. To know Vicki is to know she was honest regardless if you needed honesty at that moment. I have known Vicki for over 2 decades (I am telling my age), but every time I saw or spoke to her she always taught me something new as well as connect me to some one else.

I was a newbie in the industry, confused and lost. I saw an acrylic filing system class and I thought to myself, “I am really bad at this. I should take this class.” I had no idea there was a SYSTEM to filing nails. I sat in that class for three days to learn how to lay my acrylic and how to file nails from the Legend Vicki Peters, Founder of the Peters Prospective.

I left Vegas going to DC feeling confident that I could cut my filing time by over 20 min. A year later, I saw Vicki at the Nails Magazine show (back when they had a trade show), and she still remembered me and asked about my filing and my business. My first electric file I purchased from Kupa, and I still support that Brand because of Vicki. What a dynamic force. She encouraged me to come into the industry full time. I can truly say Vicki lived the life she was destined to live. You really have lived when you deposit something in the lives of people you are not sure you will ever see again. I do not think I have ever thanked her like I should have. Yes, I thank her but not the way I should have. I told her last year I was going to teach a class on her Cruise this year. She called me every year, asking me and I said yes for 2015, not knowing that our father in heaven had a different nail appointment for her. I told her I will see her when I came to LA in January; I will instead feel her in spirit on the floors of the ISSE.

Life is short my dear friends. Celebrate the people you love now. If you feel in your spirit to call them, do just that. Celebrate now and live your best life now with those you love and admire. All that matters is today.

Janice Jordan
Minx Nails

" I only recently had the fortune of meeting Vicky Peters yet I feel like I have known her for years. She has been a true leader in the industry, when I did meet her by accident my jaw dropped and and I was in awe to finally meet the woman who had done so much. She was quick to tell me what was wrong with Minx and what I needed to do to fix things. I could feel her passion and enthusiasm. And of course she was right. My heart goes out to her friends and family. God bless you Vicki Peters."

Millie Haynam
Pro Beauty Girl

" I met Vicki Peters at a Cleveland Barnum Fashion Focus in 1994. I took a class on goal setting with her and was so inspired I stayed after to talk to her. I explained to her my situation briefly, that I was a cosmetologist that also had a passion for nails that was at the moment home with two young children and wanted to plug back into the industry. She pointed her finger at me and said “You need to be an educator”. She walked me down to the show floor and introduced me to three regional managers of nail companies and told them I would be following up with a resume. I did just that and by the fall Cleveland Nail Focus I was working as an educator for one of those companies. That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. We did the show circuit for many years together and I always looked forward to my “Vicki” time. She was a great friend, mentor and had a brilliant mind for this industry. Her wealth of knowledge never ceased to amaze me and we shared a passion for this industry. I was fortunate to be one of the many techs she took under her wing and she always had great feedback on any ideas or projects I was working on. It was through Vicki I started writing for the trade magazines and gained the confidence to write my three books. She was candid in her input and never sugar coated what I needed to hear, a refreshing confidant I could always count on. Vicki was a true trailblazer and so many of us have the opportunities we do because of the path she cut before us. I consider myself fortunate to have met her, will be forever grateful to have known her and always thankful for her mentorship. I know I have grown both personally and professionally under her wisdom, I will miss her terribly. There will never be another Vicki. She was truly one of a kind."

Holly L Schippers
Finger Nail Fixer

" Vicki Peters was a friend and mentor to many in the industry. She believed in sharing knowledge with everyone in need and was willing to help push any who would work hard. Her no nonsense brand of love for the industry helped many, including myself, find footing in the nail world and succeed. Her loss will be felt industry wide and her light will shine on in those to whom she shared her flame as they endeavor to continue "paying it forward" as well as making her proud."

Lucien Henderson
Empower Nail Art

" Vicki Peters always blessed me with her uncensored opinions and advice, often solicited and frequently not. Her words, wisdom and style changed my product, my business and myself. This is true for a great many of us, and now we can't pay her back. But that's the way it went, and maybe it is fitting. Maybe Vicki's legacy is that we honor her by paying forward, as she always did. That we continue her example of sharing and contributing, to elevate each other and our industry."

Doug Schoon
Schoon Scientific

" Vicki Peters was my very dear friend and close confidant. I will always remember her warm smile and the kind-hearted way she dealt with life in general. She was truly an amazing person and a tremendous inspiration to many, including me.
I will never forget her."

Athena Elliott
Nail Talk Radio

Nail Talk Radio

" Vicki Peters was my nail sis, confidant and FEMTOR for 18 years. I owe her so much for guiding my career and I will miss her very much. Vicki helped define and shape our industry from the time a nail tech starts school to continued education, and helping techs break out of the bottle with nail competitions. The challenge now for the nail community that mourns the passing of this great woman is to embrace Vicki’s vision, that no tech should be left behind when it comes to education. Her devotion to all nail professionals especially for students is obvious because she leaves behind a new generation of industry leaders who embrace her teachings. Long live her legend, Vicki Peters. "