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Things you should know when you travel to Cuba

Things you should know when you travel to CubaWhen you are coming from another country, be ready to adapt because you are entering where things are done very differently.The people are very friendly and helpful in general.Have tissue because the bathroom in arrival may not have it. There is usually a bathroom attendant to give you tissue. I realized that one may not have an attendant at arrival because they figure you have not changed money yet. How smart! You have to PAY for the tissue.When you get out of customs, look at both baggage belts for luggage regardless of what they say your baggage number is.Currency Exchange Line: Know the exact line to stand in, ask before standing in the wrong line. The best rate is currently Euros over US. Last is Canadian money. Big bills are better.Most hotels have an exchange. Get enough money changed over. When leaving you can change you money back.Also make sure you have small bills because you will have to pay and tip everywhere you go. ie. driv…

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