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A Day with Beth Livesay

Beth Livesay, Executive Editor of Nails Magazine at Bobit Business Media in California, made the DMV area her last stop of her Nails Magazine Road tour as she spent a few hours with me visiting several local salons. It was great being with Beth on her trip to DC. I wanted her to experience of what we have to offer to be special by taking her to a salon that was different, like an Eco-Friendly Nail Spa. Afterwards, we went to dinner and discussed the changes and future of the Nail industry, debated the forecast of nails as a total profit to a salon and spa, shared our experiences with some of the new products that are hitting the market at an alarming rate, and addressed why nail techs do not charge their worth. Click here for more on Beth Livesay's Salon Tour1. What cities did you visit that you would recommend to other nail professionals? Beth: I went to the following cities: Sacramento, Cotati, Davis, Vallejo, Denver, Omaha, Columbus, Silver Spring, and Middletown. 2. What would…

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