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Do you have makeup you can sleep in---- Bluffajo Cosmetics is the Answer. If you fall at sleep you do not have to worry about skin problems. We are a true extension of skincare. What is the best brush to use for mineral base makeup: The best is badger . The hairs on a badger brush picks up the color and it help with color stability. We at Bluffajo Cosmetics we transform faces and allow the artist to have artistic freedom. You can go as light as you want for a natural day or bridal look or you can be as intense as you want for a more fashionista look. We cover it all. This summer our hottest looks for you – Bluffajo lipstick Let’s Talk, Gloss Liliy, Luscious, Pink Perfection, Hush, shaders ; thrill seeker, hot spark, Lolia, and of our pencil collection will be the right one for you regardless of you ethnicity. Bluffajo Foundation is like no other full coverage powder foundation. All in one regardless if you tan, one color is all you need. Great Savings. See us in August Issue of Harpers Bazaar. We invite you to Visit us on the web at or ring us at 1-866-585-4771. Be a Bluffajo and be one of the leaders in the perfect makeup for YOU!

1. If you want to down your lip color you can color your lips with a dark lip liner
2. Ans: No, if you want to down play your lip color you can use concealer on the entire lip to tune down the lip.
3. If you want to make your eyebrows darker fill them in with a eyebrow pencil
4. Ans: Yes that is an option you and also use a brow shadow- dark brown is always a go when in doubt
5. Using a concealer under you eye shadow helps it stay on longer
6. Ans: Yes, but it also serves as a canvas for the layering of color
7. To set the shape of your eyebrows, clear off the excess of your mascara brush and then set your brows with the residue mascara.
8. Ans: yes/no, using a brow fix allows you to set the brow in place , you can than use the mascara Wong for color and further set the shape if you do not have a brow brush or brow shadow.
9. Don’t wear eyelash conditioners as a mascara it is not a fashion statement
10. Ans: No it is not. A lash conditioner should be worn at night or under your mascara. It helps condition the lashes and prevent them from drying out.
11. If you want to make your eyes look bigger you should wear eyeliner on your water line (inside of your eyelids)
12. Ans: white liner will enhance the look of your eyes making it look clearer
13. Don’t use a black or brown marker to make a mole on your face
14. Ans: please do not. It is not good for your skin and may cause allergic reaction over time. Invest in a great eye liner
15. If you were dramatic eye makeup leave the lip neutral . if you wear a bold lip color don’t wear heavy eye shadow –pick one feature to highlight – too much looks like a clown
16. Ans: yes, unless that is the look you are going for
17. White liner on your water lids makes you look awake
18. Ans: It makes you look refresh
19. Brown mascara gives you that natural look
20. Ans: yes
21. For applying lashes you can also use hair glue.
22. No: over time it may cause allergic reaction or blindness.

The True and False statement as consumers sees it.
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