My experience at the Orlando Trade Show

Traveling to Orlando was great leaving BWI ever thing was smooth. At the show I was able to reconnect with some of the hottest nails companies and I was able to educate some of my peers on building their Nail business as well as the Basic in makeup artistry.

The most important booth for me at the show was my booth Bluffajo Cosmetics. Last year we partner with Brazilian Keratin Manicure product, but this year we jump out there and did it by our selves . We featured our hottest lip glosses, effects, lipstick and bronzer in our line . I must say the hottest product for us at the show was the effects Liquid Gold, Vilu lip gloss, Coco bronzer, and Thrill seeker pigment. Well all you Bluffajos come and join the club and see what the hype is all about experience the best mineral makeup. Visit us at www.bluffajo .com or ring us today at 1866-585-4771.

Day One was set up for the show we did not have electricity when we got there, our table was not drip properly after 30 minutes of tracking some one down it was taken care.

Day Two
the day of the show to 5,000 Beauty Professionals came to the most wonder trade show. The Floor open and they all rushed into the show . As I walk around the show I found some of my favorite manufactures like footlogix the leaders in medical pedicures. This product will transform the way you do pedicure and the home care prescription for your guest will allow your treatments to be extraordinary. My two favorite foot files that will get the job done for you Angel Feet foot File and Footlogix wooden file. Amazing……
As I pushed my way through the crowd I ran into my lovely friends at the CND Booth. I said ‘wow’ are you all giving products away free. It was jam packed no room on the carpet every nail professional wanted to take a bite out of shellac. Demos were being done, people were shopping, asking questions it was truly amazing to see of the attendance of nail professionals. Seriously, a decade ago you saw mostly hair professionals, now it is exciting to see all the nails professionals at the show as well as the LOAD of different products. This was a prime example of BRAND loyalty. Speaking of soak of gels and gels polishes there were over a dozen of them at the show and all of the booth had nail professionals investing in products to take home to introduce to their clients.

Day Three:
I continue my such to find some of my other friends. I stroll down to Minx Nails and they two have taken their product to the next level in many ways. One- they are doing custom minx allowing nail professionals to give them a design and they create that for you, as well as minx layering, putting one minx on top of the other and creating a special effect on the minx-wow that is awesome.
Next stop Entity Beauty they too was featuring their magnificent couture gel polish, I decided to get one nail
done and when I say it is shinny like glass, it is like glass.. I will see how long it last, stay tune!

I continue my travels to Lumos bottom and top coat only product by Jim and Lyndia Nordstrom the famous Nordstrom Family for the beauty industry. What a awesome product.
As I walk the floor I made several pit stops at Nails Magazine, Nail Pro, Lunch Pad, Essie Products, Opi, and many more.


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