Day One: My Journey to the U.K.

My UK Experience: Play to Listen

The first destination of my journey is Nailympia in the UK where I am a speaker as well as one of the nail judges. Fortunately, things started out very smooth. I checked in at the airport and got all three of my bags for free.

I get on the flight that was mostly pleasant except for the fact that I had to sit between two old ladies who both reeked of smoke, and on top of that, one of them looked like she had peed on herself. I don’t believe they were too fond of my company either. One of them appeared to be angry because I was reading! I guess she did not care much for sound of pages flipping. I totally ignored her, of course, but I could still feel her energy. Even though she did not say a word to me, I telegraphed my own body language right back at her as if to say, “Yes, Lady. This is my life. If I have to deal with you on this plane smelling like smoke, you’re going to have to tolerate the sound of me reading my magazine.” Otherwise, it was such an amazing flight. So smooth was the landing that I didn't even notice until moments later after reaching the ground.

Sadly, I can’t say everything continued to go along perfectly. 45 minutes were spent waiting in long lines to go to through customs, and overall it took roughly 4 hours to arrive to the hotel that didn't finish preparing my room. I luckily ran into Alex, who is among the team putting Nailympia together, and she generously allowed to me take a nap in her room until my mine was ready, which was a lifesaver. Two hours later of much needed, fierce napping, my room was finally ready. I showered and went to change my money. Afterwards, I met with other fellow nail judges comprised of friends and colleagues of the industry from the US and all around the world, including Malaysia, the Netherlands, Australia, America, London, and Japan. We all went out to dinner and had an overall amazing night. They are an awesome, awesome, awesome group of people!

My first day may have had a few ups and downs, but it was a good one and I am happy to have safely made it across the Atlantic. Tomorrow will be the main event with over 32 countries represented. I am very excited about the next chapter in my Beauty Career.


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