Chicago Midwest-The American Beauty Show

The American Beauty Show

Please click on this video and get a sneak preview as to why we do what we do.
Yes, Beauty does Change Lives, as well as Saves Lives.

I know it has taken a while to get this out, but I am sure all you busy nail professionals can understand my pain.

I am bringing to you live and in living color my experience at the ABS show. There are a few reasons why I attend trade shows:

1. To see the latest and greatest of up and coming products.
2. For education. How can I take me and my business to the next level?
3. To reconnect with my peers and step away from the spa.

At the ABS show, CND once again is leading the trends and doing what no nail company has done-a runway show at their booth. We often see this with hair companies, but we have not seen that with nail companies. CND showcased their Rhythm & Heat collection bringing color to life with a live fashion show. I will not be surprised if we start seeing nail companies follow this trend of live fashion shows at their booths in the future. Yes, it makes for an entertaining shopping experience.

As I traveled the show floor, Takara Belmont introduced their amazing shampoo bowl. Total luxury. It is no longer just a shampoo, it is an epic trip to the shampoo bowl.

My night ended with the Beauty Changes Lives Gala, where being a beauty professional matters. Being in a room with hundreds of like-minded people was more than just an Award Ceremony. It made me once again realize why I wake-up in the morning and pull 12–13 hour days. We give so much to our guests, but they give two times as much in return.

One of the highlights of my weekend was meeting Tracey Lee the winner of Nails Next Top Nail Artist.

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