Succulent Nails, the latest in Nail Trends

Succulent Nails, the latest in Nail Trends

Why make nail art when you can grow it? Recently gaining attention among nail art enthusiasts and professionals around the world is a new technique using plants for their natural decor as nail art accessories. More specifically targeted is the Succulent, sometimes called fat plants for its ability to retain water in arid climate conditions, introduced and fashioned by Australian Botanical Artist, Roz Borg.

Her process of making an artistic Succulent manicure is pretty simple. She uses Oasis Floral Adhesive, a glue designed for plants, to fasten a portion of Succulent to Acrylic Nails. Only after the special plant glue dries does she then attach the combined Acrylic-Succulent to her own natural nail bed. Follow this process patiently and the result can leave you with finger nails practically drowning in rich plant life. And I do mean life. The floral adhesives will safely wear off eventually, and the remaning pieces of plant are virile enough to make more baby Succulents.

Visit Roz Borg's Instagram for more pictures of her work

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