Home Remedies for Pink Eye

On Wednesday last week, I experienced pink eye for the first time in my life. I started feeling it swell and I freaked out knowing I had to do some cooking in two days for the Mother's Day Brunch at the spa. I had to fix my eye. I decided to use household items until I could get a prescription.

I treated my eyes with the following:

1 Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar and Water
(more water than vinegar)

2 Baking Soda and Water
(more water than baking soda)

3 Salt Water
(more water than salt)

I did this every 2 hours. The next day my sister also told me to try washing with Johnson Baby Shampoo, which was the last treatment I used on my eyes.

Fortunately, I didn’t experience further swelling, or have to deal with any itching or mucus at all. I would eventually other medication and continue to use antibiotics afterwards, but I must say, all I really needed to fix me were items that were already in my home.

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