My journey to my Product Launch in Ghana 2016
Once again Faith and Fear

Day 1

I woke up this morning and headed to a tailor to make my outfit for the launch. With the mercy of others, I was able to find someone good and honest. I later met with the Ringier team to go over social media strategy for the launch and I met with Becky and her makeup team helping out in Accra. By then, I was already tired. Bill then took me for lunch at the Liberian-owned Living Room Restaurant and it was a great seeing familiar faces and eating delicious food. I went home afterwards, and I am not certain why, but I could not sleep even though I felt completely exhausted. I was excited, and yet I had never been so scared. I always trust in God and have faith, but my human flesh was having a field day with me. I wish I could better control my mind because I was really struggling to deal with my fears and doubts. I knew God did not bring me thus far to abandon me, but I also knew this was the hardest and boldest move I have ever made in my career. Although God has shown me signs and messages that he will carry me, my mind was uneasy. I know every one expects me to be so strong, but at the end of the day, I am human.

Blessed to be with Becky and her makeup team

Day 2

I just slept, read, and did paper work. I put aside the makeup for giveaways.

Day 3

I head for prayers,
a great way to start my day.

Day 4

I woke up this morning, feeling very sad and not sure what I am doing in this country by myself. Never knew you needed so much money to make things happen. I decided to cancel Kumasi as one of the Bluffajo launch locations in Ghana and it was the best decision I made to get ready for launch. I know God will ensure that this is going to be the most successful launch the Ghanians have ever seen. I will land a distributor in Accra. I receive it in Jesus name.

Day 5

I went to Ultimate FM 106.9 FM for a live show and I ended up doing a voice over. Who would have thought it? At night, we went to Plush Lounge for the press announcement for Kumasi Fashion week and then I headed home.

Day 6

I headed back to Accra and had coconut after 36 years. It was amazing. This is what my Saturday looked like in Accra.

Day 7

I went to church. The word was good. Then I went to see Muni and chilled for the Sunday afternoon.

Week 2

Monday marks the start of a new week. God showed himself strong today. He favored me in every way. I first met with actress Ama Abebrese today regarding being a brand ambassador for Bluffajo Cosmetics, and it was amazing speaking to her. She might favor me to be on a network television show on Wednesday. I pray I hear back from her. I also went to Accra mall to go to the pharmacy and met with Dr. Nana regarding Bluffajo Cosmetics being in their store. He was very open to the idea. Overall, today was a great day. There was heavy traffic everywhere, but that's Accra.

Meeting up with Actress and Television Producer, Ama Abebrese

My New Day tv show segment on TV3

Demonstrating how to wear perfect eyebrows

The day of the Launch in Accra, I get to the hotel early and thank God for that because I learned my step-and-repeat banner did not have a stand. The marketing company I hired were nowhere to be found. So I called my point of contact and he found out that the printing company did not make stands for my size of banner, even though they printed the banner. Second, as we were handling gift bags to distribute to attendees, the bags were slowly falling apart. By now I am hot, but trying my best to be calm. I was blessed by an Angel name Becky who provided her own banner stand and tried to keep me calm before the event. We had to send the banner to get special stitching so it would attach to her stand. Ten minutes before the start time of the launch and the banner was still not ready. People were arriving and there was also no sign of the marketing company. We just tried to make it all happen as smoothly as possible. We did not have a list of VIP attendees, the volunteers tried their best to seat them. Around this time, I just asked for Jesus to take the wheel. As the event came to a great start, the banner arrived and it all just felt into place, but still no sign of the marketing company. Thank God for Becky and her team who assisted me.

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  1. Congrats on your 2016 BluffaJo launch in Ghana Maise!
    I don't wear much makeup but I love your #BluffaJo lip line. Keep painting the world beautiful one face at a time!

    1. Thank you very much for your interest in BluffaJo cosmetics and support! It is always highly valued and appreciated.


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