STOP! Photo vs Picture

During the winter storm, a friend of mine sent me a text that read “Photo vs Picture.” This lead me to take a snapshot of what my snow day was looking like. Should I take a photo, or should I snap a picture?
I chose picture.

For several weeks, I had been going through papers, putting together a pile to take to the shredder, and having anxiety about whether I would finish in a timely fashion. Pressing for time and BOOM! We got snow, and I was like, “YES”!

A picture of my snow day included 36 straight hours of work, trying to beat the clock and looking at my timeline for each task, in addition to posting on social media to keep up with my businesses. As I worked my way through each day, I say I need one more day. My picture was wishing for more time to lay in bed with my loved one and watch TV, catch up on movies, perhaps even get into some things I had no business getting into, but instead the picture of my snow day(s) was WORK! I must say, it was so beautiful outside. Tree branches were white, and the air outside was cold, but clean. It left me with a clear picture that God has a purpose for us all. We are always running, and he knows we needed to STOP!

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