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Halotherapy, the Latest in Spa Therapy

One of the newest and latest forms of Spa therapy in the USA and other parts of the world is Halotherapy, which is named after the Greek word “halo,” simply meaning salt. This easy, healing therapy involves participants relaxing in an expansive room in which salt vapors are released to circulate and combat health concerns like respiratory ailments, skin irritations, and mental lethargy. Also worth mentioning are the many additional health benefits that include anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial advantages to help to with allergies, asthma respiratory systems and even provide anti-aging effects. Patients can expect complete purifying effects beneficial to the entire body after weekly treatments.

Skin Benefits
of Toners & Peptides

Toners are necessary because they help to stabilize the pH balance of the skin and close large pores, particularly useful for smokers.

Peptides stimulate collagen production and tighten the firmness of skin. They also possess fruit acids that boost the skin’s radiance.

Many Bluffajo Cosmetics products contain Collagen Peptides to safely increase cell renewal, volume, and reduce wrinkles.

Bluffajo Cosmetics “Camera Ready” Toner

Day vs Night Creams (Protect and Repair)

The basic strategy behind regularly using day and night creams is to combat the constant stress our skin endures during a 24-hour cycle. Simply put, facial creams are designed to protect during the day and nourish at night.

The sun, wind, and pollution are just a few of many environmental stressors a good Day Cream manages to help your skin tolerate. On the other hand, Night Creams are formulated to replenish nutrients and promote regeneration of skin cells, an essential process that occurs as the body rebuilds itself during sleep.

While Day Creams weather the storm of the busy, outdoor day life, they are ironically lighter than Night Creams, which get their extra weight from their special ingredients that nourish the skin when it’s most receptive at night.

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