International Salon and Spa Expo 2015

Honorable Mention

LaShawn Lindsey
the Perfume Chick

During my trip at the International Salon and Spa Expo, I received a call regarding one of my dearest friends and vendors who had passed. I would like to take a special moment to honor LaShawn Lindsey this Black History Month. She was an amazing lady and big personality, always willing to do what she could to make your orders right. People often say Black Businesses do not have good customer service, but I must say this lady was one hell of the business woman with amazing customer service. Every time I use Perfume Chick Products, I will always think of LaShawn aka the Perfume Chick. Her smile will never be forgotten. RIP LaShawn.

Well it is that time again where the Beauty kick-off begins. Read on to find out why I do what I do!

I often pray before I get on any plane and when I land. This trip to LA, I felt more blessed because I was pulled off the first flight to find out there was a bomb threat in my connecting city. Anyway, there was an unruly passenger who had to be escorted off the plane by the police when we landed. I had crazy thoughts going through my head, thinking what if she had a knife, file or anything. I was sitting across from this lady. I have never had that experience before. I was thinking to myself, “Lord, what is this?” Fortunately, I got to L.A. safely and headed to my hotel for a much needed good night’s rest, feeling excited about seeing old friends and meeting new friends.


Holly L.
Finger Nail

Gibson (right)
Hair Dresser

Nail Art

Senior VP

(left to right)

Meeting Holly, Manicurist & Documentarian, for the first time!

I first get downstairs and I meet my long time mentor/old boss Jan Arnold, Co-Founder of the World leading CND Hand & Foot Care. She introduces me to Holly the Manicurist who did a Documentary on Manicures. As I proceeded to the show excited to see new products and try new things, my first stop was at the CND booth where they were interviewing Nail’s Next Top Nail artist. Here I also ran into friends Celebrity Stylist Ted Gibson and his husband. It is always a joy to see my Beauty Family.

Nail Magazine’s Nail’s Next Top Nail Artist

Next, I visited the spa area where I am always willing to sit in a class and learn about a new technique or product. I stumble upon a semi-permanent mascara company called GlamRus Cosmetics. I really liked their 100% green Tea Fibers for Eyelashes, which are great for sensitive eyes and do not have to be reapplied. You also do not need makeup remover and you have the flexibility of using your own mascara with the product. This is great for eye contact users and even clients of lasik eye procedures.

Step one, you apply the “Magic Mascara.”
Step two, apply the “Fiber Lash.”
And step three, apply the Magic Mascara again.
It is just that easy.
GlamRus Cosmetics

Next stop, I ran into my buddy Kelvin Pham from American International Industries and we chatted about the latest trends in our industry

Nails stamping from Konad

Nail Blinks

After searching and walking around, I found the Saphira booth and their products after first discovering them last year. They are the first company to bring the minerals of the Dead Sea to the world of hair care. A few things that I love about this Brand: 1) It’s Family owned. 2) They are stationed in Maryland. 3) Their product ingredients. 4) Wonderful product packing presentation.

Seeing the new nail art tools we have like the Empower Nail Art “Ring Thing” was also amazing, which is “a metal ring that acts as a palette for holding and mixing nail polish, gels, and gel polish together while you’re working.” The artistic freedom is endless and makes it a great thing to be a nail professional. You can use polish, paint, stamp, blink, or anything your heart desires; it is up to you.

See what NAILPRO has to say
about “The Ring Thing.”

Lexi Martone
Contest Runner up

Lavette Cephus
Contest Winner

Danielle Costantino
Contest Runner up

(left to right)

The last stop, but certainly not least, included the Nails Magazine’s Nail’s Next Top Nail Artist Award Ceremony sponsored by CND. It was amazing to see the great new level of young talent making their own mark in our industry. In addition, I had a fabulous time catching up with my nail buddies. But, as for most things in life, everything would soon come to an end, leaving me with another important destination: home. Chiao for now!

Who shoes are these? Guess who and win a prize! Provide your name and number with your guess in a facebook inbox message to me, Maisie Dunbar.


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