Fortune V (5) Water

Dr. Tahisha B. Brooks, OBL (Official Boss Lady) & Chairwoman of the Official BOSS Network Corporation, set out to create FORTUNE V (5) spring water as a high-class exclusive product of quality that co-exists with her established network empire for business leaders and professionals. Originally from a natural spring specific to a region of the floral Mountains where Rhododendron grows, FORTUNE V (5) water goes through a careful 8-step purification process to reach its trademark smooth, revitalizing crystal taste.

To gather more insight about Fortune V (5), you can review my interview with Dr. Tahisha B. Brooks below:

How did you decide on the name?

Dr. Brooks:

" I created FORTUNE V (5) Water from my network called The BOSS Network Corporation. I knew the importance of having a product to co-exist within your network was one of the key elements of network engagement and survivorship. I had a passion for product development and I wanted to stay focused on the exclusivity for the CEO's, Executives the FORBES and Fortune 500's of the World. Therefore, FORTUNE V (5) Water was an easy yet ideal solution to justify the 5 principles of success: 1) Knowledge 2) Power 3) Giving 4) Wisdom and 5) Investment. "

When did you get started and why water?

Dr. Brooks:

" We started the process and development of the brand April of 2013. We understand that water is a recession proof product that is essential for survival among all living beings. Our passion is to educate people on the importance of water and how it shapes our lives and our health. "

What is the difference between Fortune V and the regular Alkaline water?

Dr. Brooks:

" By educating our consumers with the knowledge of glass vs. plastic; we are following a standard of quality, excellence and safety for our consumers. We take great pride in our exclusivity. FORTUNE 5 Water will remain in high-end establishments for the exclusive customers. We are also proud to have won 1st Place in the Digital Printing Division for the 2014 28th Annual Excellence Awards through Package Printing. We are aware of other alkaline waters that are out there....however, most are still plastic. At least with glass, the content and Alkalinity is preserved and retained with a longer shelf-life. Every medical, research facility, hospital, and/or labortory utilizes glass. Glass lasts for centries and can with-stand levels of heat; that plastic could not. Our Alkaline levels are 7.6-7.9. Even though other Alkaline water levels are higher than ours, some still are served and sold in plastic bottles. We take great pride in serving our exclusive brand in glass bottles. "

What are the benefits of Fortune V?

Dr. Brooks:

" One of the many benefits of FORTUNE V (5) Water is our signature glass style bottle, as well as our larger 20oz bottle with a bar top cork for your fine dining experience. Therefore, we become an exclusive asset to the company that carries our product, event coordinators, caters, and so forth. Other benefits of FORTUNE V (5) Water is it's glass appearance. Most plastic bottles are typically made with BPA chemicals; that alter the human hormones with a mimicking estrogen that causes cancers and other serious health issues in the body. Especially, if the plastic bottles are left in an heated environment like your car or the trunk of your car. "

Where can we find it?

Dr. Brooks:

" Our product FORTUNE V (5) Alkaline Premium Water reaches Abodes of FORTUNE in exclusive high-end market places such as:

1. Country Clubs

2. Yacht Clubs

3. Hotels, Resorts, Spas

4. High-end Retail Stores/Boutiques for elite clientele (Saks 5th, Bvlgari, Gucci...etc.)

5. Weddings

6. Restaurants, Lounges

7. Private Airline Companies

8. Cruise Liners

9. Events, Grammy's, Red Carpet, Birthday Parties, Anniversary...

10. Swag Bag Gifts

11. High-End Car Dealerships (Maserati, Bentley, etc...)

and many more places of FORTUNE! We are also available for individual personal or private use as well. You may reach us at www.FORTUNE5Water.Info or (202) 710-8534 for additional information.

Let us know how the Award Winning FORTUNE 5 Water can be a part of your network or your next event. Thank you for your time. "

"You will enjoy the smooth taste of FORTUNE V and experience the heritage, wealth and the power of a 'FORTUNE.'"

FDA Table of Various Types of Bottled Water
Type Definition
Artesian Water Water from a well tapping a confined aquifer in which the water level stands at some height above the top of the aquifer.
Mineral Water Water containing not less than 250 ppm total dissolved solids that originates from a geologically and physically protected underground water source. Mineral water is characterized by constant levels and relative proportions of minerals and trace elements at the source. No minerals may be added to mineral water.
Purified Water Water that is produced by distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis or other suitable processes and that meets the definition of "purified water" in the U.S. Pharmacopeia, 23d Revision, Jan. 1, 1995. As appropriate, also may be called "demineralized water," "deionized water," "distilled water," and "reverse osmosis water."
Sparkling Bottled Water Water that, after treatment and possible replacement of carbon dioxide, contains the same amount of carbon dioxide that it had at emergence from the source.
Spring Water Water derived from an underground formation from which water flows naturally to the surface of the earth at an identified location. Spring water may be collected at the spring or through a bore hole tapping the underground formation feeding the spring, but there are additional requirements for use of a bore hole.


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