The Alessandro International US VIP Pro Product Luncheon

Today was a great day in the Nail World. The first Alessandro International VIP Pro Product Luncheon was a hit. Although the brand has been around for over a decade in the UK, this year at the Premiere Orlando trade show, they introduced their product to the US market.

The line-up consists of Hand, Foot, and Nail Care products. What is so unique about these products is that it is more like an Exclusive Boutique Style Line for the Nail Professionals, not mass production. The packaging is slick, clean and easy to use. Alessandro International launched acid-free nail sculpting curing gels for all the gels users as well.

In 2003, they launched hand care following their foot care products. As we all know, your nails are a window to your health and your hands say a 1000 words about you and your age. Protecting your hands is just as important as taking care of your nails.

Alessandro International has a gel to suite the need for every guest that comes in your salon and spa. From brittle nails and peeling nails to nails that are completely healthy but require a little strength. They have products that allow artistic freedom.

Nails are the biggest and hottest fashion accessory around. The technology surrounding nails is just amazing. Alessandro International launched the Striplac. (My personal favorite). The Striplac allows you to peel off the polish without any damage to the natural nail. It can last up to 10 days and it keeps the shine. Yes, this is a consumer-based product. Peeling your nails will not damage your nails.

Full Hand and Nail Spa Products are Coming Soon to MaisieDunbarSpaLounge.

Alessandro International


  1. Maisie, it was a pleasure and honor to have you join us at our VIPPRO Luncheon. Your presence was appreciated and your coverage and feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing the alessandro International brand and giving Nail Professionals an understanding of who we are and assuring them of what they can expect from this Eurpoean Leader in Hand, Foot and Nailcare. I look forward to working with you and your staff in the near future.


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