Nails are HERE TO STAY

I just want to start by saying “all the Nail Professionals in the industry should be HAPPY”. Nails are the greatest FASHION ACCESSORY. Gone are the days of walking into a salon to see a little table at the back with a manicurist on the side.

Gone are the days when nails are done on a low budget for a photo shoot. Everyone understands that nails complete the look. If your hair, clothes and makeup are set and your nails look a mess, your entire look is ruined. If you are a Nail Professional who has over 15 years under your belt, as I do, you know exactly what I am talking about when I mention being in the corner of a salon. You should also understand when I talk about low budget nail care. Due to the high demand and exposure in Nail Fashion, the NAIL World has changed for the better. Let me provide you with a quick glance thus far into the nail world of 2012-2013:

Nails are no longer your classic French, Red and American Manicure. It has gone from French to Embellished French, Layer French and Reverse French. Reds have gone from classic Candy Apple Red to 100 shades of Red, Matte Red, Frosted Red, Blue Red, Pink Red, Orange Red, etc. The artistic freedom is extensive for nail professionals.  

Minx Nails


China Glaze Appliques


____________________________________________________Essie Nail Paints and Foils

Empowered Nail Art and Painted Nail Applications


CND Custom Painted Shellac Hybrid Nails


Gelish Vitagel

Nail Technology has also allowed the Nail Professional to make a difference with their clients. Clients today demand Nail professionals to know their craft. Gone are the days when your clients didn't know what was going on in the industry. Yes, gone are the good and bad days. Nail Professionals need to bring their A game to the table at all times. Whether in NY, LA, Chicago, Milan, Paris, Africa or Washington DC, your clients are rightfully expecting you to NAIL IT!

As I head to LA for work, I would like to thank the following Brands for supplying my Nail Kit for Shoots:


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