Nails Bizness!


WELL, WELL, WELL, if you every had reservations about coming to Maisie Dunbar Spa Lounge have it NO more. You are invited to the hautest spa lounge in the Maryland, Washington, DC Metro area. Here are 4 reasons why you would want to pay us a visit:

1. We’re always the first to premiere the latest and greatest in nails, skin and body care treatments

2. We strive to bring the BEST to the BEST, YOU!

3. We absolutely ONLY use professional products.

4. We are the only salon in the area that has the FULL SPRING COLLECTION 2011 from the following manufactures: OPI, China Glaze, CND, and Zoya not to mention OPI Katy Perry Shatter collection as well as China Glaze Crackle.

Nails are your ultimate fashion accessory for the season! Come in and let us SHATTER your nail look or allow us to ‘PUT A CRACK IN IT.’ As a dose of fashion get minxed, shatter and crackle on finger or toes. Please feel free to visit us at www.maisiedunbarspalounge to reserve a spa but fashionable experience. Do not be left out this season. You are a fashionable leader not a follower.


Artificial Nails: What you need to know

People often say acrylic damage their nails. Well, you must know that acrylic is only a monomer mixed with a polymer—a basic chemical process. (I know, too much heavy science for you right? Lol) BUT did you know that that chemical process is not what damages your nails? The technician damages the nails. Acrylic done properly can be worn for years without any problems unless you are on severe medication whereas lifting of product or separating of nails. The holes and severe ridges customers are experiencing is NOT from the acrylic it is from the techniques of the nail technician.

At Maisie Dunbar Spa Lounge we believe in maintaining the integrity of the natural nails. First the tech should be using acrylic that is suited for and specified for nails and not teeth. Repeat exposure to MMA found in the latter can cause allergic reaction. Consumers say ‘I can’t wear acrylic they make my nails weak, they make my cuticle itch, they make my nail bed feel tight. ‘ Sorry to say, again check the technician. Remember anything over the natural nail will soften the nails due to moisture, however does not damage the nails.

The proper application for acrylic begins by having the client sanitizes their hands. Next a dry manicure should be performed implements not an electric file. Nail bed should be further cleaned and proceed with product application. I am not against the electric file if used properly, a technician can do just as must damage to the nail bed with a hand file as with an electric file. Another important note of precaution: It is imperative that you DO NOT CUT CUTICLE. Instead, have it pushed back with the removal of non-living tissue. The cuticle is live tissue, therefore should NEVER be cut. If you have any questions or concern ring the expert 301-585-4770 and become a fan on facebook maisiedunbarspalounge or visit us on the web


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