To Wax or Not--The Dilemma for African American Women/Men

Waxing is a great alternative for hair removal.

There are several options today for hair removal Some choices are good for the skin but yet very expensive and in today’s’ economy everyone is trying to save money. I would like to share with you tips for a long lasting wax and minimum pain experience.

1. Make sure you have at least 1 inch of hair growth

2. Exfoliate the skin (area) you plan on waxing

3. For extra long hairs trim it down

4. Spray antiseptic before waxing(always use a clean stick to apply the wax)

5. For sensitive area ALWAYS use a hard wax to avoid bruising

6. Protect skin with moisturizing lotion (use ice rocks to help calm the skin)

7. To avoid ingrown hairs, wax regularly (ever 2-3 weeks when you first start)

8. Exfoliate regularly to avoid ingrown hairs

For coarse hair you may have to wax the same area more than once, but be careful not to bruise. Using a high quality wax and working in a sanitize environment is always a plus.

Make sure the skin is pulled nice and tight to avoid any bruising. Do not be afraid to ask your guest to help . Keep in mind waxing does exfoliate the skin so protect the skin after waxing. For underarm wax clients should be advised to not use deodorant for 7 hours after waxing.


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