NAILS: Your Extended Fashion Accessory

Getting your nails done is no longer just an extra service it is a total fashion accessory. Nail Trends are right up there with hot shoes for the season. Nail manufactures are making products that enable nail techs to maintain the integrity of the nail bed. We have cutting edge products in the nail industry for fashionistas to soccer moms. In addition, we have low to no maintenance artificial nail products.

For you fashionistas we have MINX nails - which is totally a high fashion nail accessory. It is an adhesive film that is apply and removed with heat. I call it the wall paper for nails. Even the most conservative can take a bite. (please view my minx youtube: maisieminx). Another alternative we have for fashion forward nails is foiling. Foiling allows the technician to have artistic freedom with where she/he places the foil to create a free handed design. The nail artist can add up to six different patterns depending on the length of the nail. Nail Foil is applied with adhesive, once the adhesive becomes transparent the technician places the foil in his/her desire position, top coat and viola you all set!

For your cutting edge soccer moms- we have soak off gel polish. Gel polish is for moms who cannot wait for their nails to dry, but yet want a fashion conscious color. Great for those that desire nice looking nails, no chip in the polish for at least 2 - 3 weeks. This is a product for someone who desire low to no maintenance of their nails. It’s ideal for ladies that want perfect nails without having to come into the salon or spa weekly for a manicure. These nails must be cured with a UV lamp. The best part is that these nails can be soaked off with 100% acetone without any damage to the nails. Conventional Gels cannot be soaked off.

NOW you have Shellac Nails, a totally fashion forward manicure alternative. This is for the lady that’s fabulous and has limited time. Her nails must be a perfect 10 every time. It last up to 14 days no chips, no frills, no drying time. It can be soaked of in 5 minutes or less.

We also carry an assortment of trendy colors of regular nail polish if you just prefer a good ole fashion manicure.

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